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Taylor Arabian

2015 Summer Associate
UC Berkeley School of Law

Taylor had worked in Madrid before law school, teaching English as a Second Language to elementary schoolchildren through the local government. “Teaching English to school kids was a highlight of my life. I loved Madrid, even though I had 11 roommates when I lived there. I always wanted to go back!

“I want to be a part of those ‘front-page’ deals that change the landscape.”

Taylor asked for a rotation to Madrid as part of his summer program. “The firm is great about handling such requests. If you express an interest and the practice needs align, they try to make it happen. My Spanish wasn’t as good as when I’d lived there, but it was good enough and improved every day.

“The Madrid office is smaller compared to New York so I was able to witness two very different offices at Davis Polk and what this profession is all about. Both experiences were great.”

Taylor isn’t necessarily looking to combine his love of Spanish with the law. “I don’t need these interests to collide. If I wind up doing work involving Spanish, that’d be great. I do hope to do some Latin America work, but I don’t want to limit myself. I’ll always be interested in Spanish language and culture wherever I can find it. When it comes to the law, it’s more important to me to be a part of those ‘front-page’ deals that change the landscape of certain industries or even the global economy. And that’s something I can find at Davis Polk every day.

“Entering law school, Davis Polk was one of the few law firms I knew about. When it was time to interview, I knew I wanted to be in New York City. It’s the best place for an aspiring dealmaker. I talked to recruiters from various firms and met a lot of lawyers, and through this process gained more of an interest in Davis Polk.”

When interviewing for a summer position, Taylor looked at all the major firms in New York. “There’s a lot that top firms have in common, but I had heard that Davis Polk had genuinely nice people and was a great place to learn where you can feel like you’re among friends. I had great interviews with the firm. Davis Polk was the most convincing, but you never really know for sure until you’re here. I took the leap of faith.

“Everything I had hoped about the firm proved true. The reputation the firm has gained for itself as a collegial and nurturing place is real. It makes this challenging work so much more enjoyable and doable.

“The firm recruits amazing people. And that seems like a true reflection of the firm, from the top down. The people are great and so is the work experience.

“I got substantive work in the area I wanted, capital markets. I did a pro bono credit deal − I didn’t even know that was possible! I got to dabble in different practice areas. It’s great for someone trying to figure it all out. The firm has such a broad range of practice areas, all at the top of the profession. I knew I wanted transactional work but wasn’t sure what type, and I got to see it all.

“I did get to work with a partner from the Latin America group. We went to a client meeting at a peer firm. The only other associate in the room was a sixth year from the other firm. We had a conference call with a client in Argentina. Later, I got to work on drafts that went to the client. This was­­ all as a summer associate!”

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