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Tyler Infinger

2015 Summer Associate
New York University School of Law

Tyler worked in publishing before law school. “In a way, that world led me to Davis Polk. I spoke with several publishing executives who directed me to the firm as a fantastic place for transactional intellectual property work.”

“Ultimately, it’s the intangibles that differentiate.”

Yet Tyler struggled with the decision to pick a firm. “It wasn’t easy. So many firms have amazing reputations and offer incredible work opportunities. Ultimately, it’s the intangibles that differentiate, and my decision ended up turning on the people I had met. It took me awhile to realize and articulate how much that mattered to me. I wanted to be at a firm where people want to teach you, where I liked the people around me.

“Everyone knows this is a demanding profession with high pressure and high stress workloads. It was great to see, in my Davis Polk interviews and in talking with other lawyers at the firm, that people can still be genuinely nice and easy-going − that it’s possible to enjoy yourself and thrive.

Tyler focused on corporate work during her summer with the firm. “Summer is such a great experience − both in terms of the work we’re given and the social activities. The firm did a really good job of tailoring our summer assignments to our areas of interest, and making sure we were exposed to a wide variety of practice areas and projects.

“The most memorable assignment I received was a corporate governance research project with the managing partner of the firm, Tom Reid. A client had asked Tom for an understanding of both sides of an ongoing debate that was of major importance to their corporate structure, and Tom had me research the issue, prepare memos, and ultimately prepare a draft of a presentation for the client. It gave me a great sense of what it’s actually like to work in the law − real work, with real pressure, but pressure in the best way possible.

“I also thought this project − and the entire summer program − showcased who Tom is as a leader. He saw it as an opportunity for summer associates to experience actual work and to develop a real sense of what the firm we’ll be joining is all about.

“You can tell the partners are dedicated to making sure the summer associates have a great experience. Partners took interacting with us seriously, and they were interested in us as individuals. You could see they were excited to have us around. That motivates you to work hard.”

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